August 19, 2008

About me

It's me.

My name is Marcia Furman. I'm a "stay at home artist". I specialize in painting, but I love anything where I get to create and work with my hands. I take my painting images and make them into other wonderful things that people can afford and use in daily life.

I have an amazing husband of 19 years, and an equally stunning 23 year old son who is now a married man! I currently have two chihuahua mix pups, Neko & Elora.

I absolutely love Thrift Store shopping, music, exercising, biking, adventuring, and going on dates with my husband. I love technology (especially apple products hehe), but I also enjoy nature and the simple things in life. I strive to see what others do not see, and try to live life to the fullest. 

I'm a Christian. Jesus Christ changed me in a powerful way in my late teens, and thankfully, I will never be the same again. All the talent within me is a gift from Him. My mission in life is to use those talents I've been given to glorify my Lord. 

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