August 19, 2008

About me


My name is Marcia Furman. I'm a "stay at home artist". I specialize in painting, but I love anything where I get to create and work with my hands. 

I have an amazing husband of 19 years, and an equally stunning 23 year old son who is now a married man! Don't let those numbers give you the wrong impression. I'm 40 years old, but most people think I'm under 19. (being short helps in this area, I'm only 5'0"). I also have two adorable chihuahua mix pups, Neko & Elora. 
(Christmas 2010)
 I absolutely love Thrift Store shopping and finding treasures. I love all types of music. Photography has always been a big hobby of mine as well. I'm a computer geek and I love technology, but I also enjoy nature and the simple things in life. I strive to see what others do not see, and try to live life to the fullest. 
I'm a Christian. Jesus Christ changed me in a powerful way in my late teens, and thankfully, I will never be the same again. All the talent within me is a gift from Him. My mission in life is to use those talents I've been given to glorify my Lord. 

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