October 20, 2008


I've been busy lately, but sometimes I still don't know what to post about! I always have this struggle of what or what not to put in this blog. It's silly.

So anyway, I'm working on a couple paintings that are commission work, so I'm always thankful for that. I should be done with one of them sometime this week, which I'll be sure to post.

Over the weekend my hubbie and I went on a nice little autumn walk. I told him it's my favorite time of year for walks. Usually I'm satisfied because I'd be taking the dog out every day, but since I don't have a one at the moment I'm not as likely to walk around town by myself. I'm just shy like that. So we went down this path on the edge of town that we've been meaning to explore. It was really nice and leafy. Along the path was a place where there used to be a glass factory. All of the ground is full of colored chunks of glass. I can't help but act like a little kid when there are shiny objects shimmering from the ground! I collected so many both hands were full. Don't ask me what I'm actually gonna do with them though!

Christa and I are making shirts for our band, Hand Drawn Mountains. We plan on getting real silk screened shirts made but in the meantime we thought it would be fun to make our own. We bought nice blank shirts from the thrift store of any style or color, and cut a stencil from a logo Christa made. After stenciling the logo on with fabric paint we then fill in the mountains with whatever color we think looks best! It's so fun! I hope everyone can come to the show on the 31st and pick one up!

That's about it for now! My internet is so slow today I don't know if could stand to be at this computer for one more minute anyway!!

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  1. what a beautiful picture! Autumn is my favorite too, you can't be indifferent if you are an artist , I think:)


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