December 3, 2008

Busy Bee...

I've been so busy getting ready for my show tomorrow! There's always so many little odds and ends to do such as tags for each painting and making sure they all are wired and ready. I'm getting there!

Here's one last minute painting that I managed to crank out yesterday evening. It was quite a surprise! HAH! Usually my paintings are very planned out, starting with a sketch with weeks or months of brewing. This one came out straight from my head to the watercolor paper. A very rare occasion.

Prints available in my Etsy Shop!

Thanks for all the love! I couldn't do it without you!


  1. Very cool! Hope you can post some pictures of the show. :-)

  2. I'm going to try try try to bring Rose tonight to see you! I wish I could tell her, but I can't promise her anything! I wouldn't want her to be bummed if I couldn't get a sitter for the other three.

  3. Good luck on your show. Your paintings are very unique. I really like them

  4. Well, obviously we didn't make it! How did it go? My sisters stopped over and demanded to be fed. I had no choice but to obey their every command.


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