February 20, 2009

happy happy Friday!

It has been a productive week for me, tiring too. I got to do a lot of painting, cleaning, exercising and just catching up on life! I started my sketch or die journal and I'm so excited about it. I admit though, it takes me much longer to do each page than I anticipated. I'm sure that it will get better with time.

Today my painting entitled "If Stone Could Fly" is featured on a blog called "Every Photo Tells A Story." It's an awesome blog that posts art and photography to encourage creative writing! I'm excited to look at the comments and see what some people come up with!

Today, through a fellow crafter and blogger, Tizzalicious, I found out about this thing called Disqus. It is something you install on your Blogger that allows you to do comment replies! I'm SO excited about this! Ever since I started this blog, I've been highly dismayed about the inability to reply to a comment. Leave a comment so I can try it out!

Have a wonderful Friday!