February 4, 2009

Sew and Grow - Limited Edition ACEO Print

Available in my Etsy shop!
I'll only be making 20 of these and then that's it! These new cards are slightly different than my "first generation" art cards. They are full bleed, double sided, and mounted on heavy card stock. They are very nice, I put much TLC into them.

I am going to be slowly putting new ACEO prints up so keep watch! Also, soon I will do a big shop update with tons of originals! I'll keep ya posted!!


  1. The ACEO is adorable. I have only done a few of them and always originals--no prints yet because I haven't decided where to get them made and our printer sucks. Are you printing them yourself or did you get them done somewhere?

  2. This is sooo cute! I love the lamb. The size is so cute too.



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