November 18, 2009

Oh now I am truly crafty...

I'm doing my first "craft sow" kids. I have no idea what to expect. I mean, I'm sure that this craft show will mostly have "grandma" or "country" crafts, so maybe mine will stand out more? We'll see! I was trying to figure out a better way to display my prints. I looked all over town for bins or baskets that would work. Well, once again I realized that what I want does not exist! I settled with these baskets that I found at Michaels. They had a fabric liner, which I liked because it kept the prints protected, but they were hideous colors and designs! I just went ahead and made my own. The first one turned out just right, the second not so much. It's all good because I tweaked it enough that it will work. 

I just /had/ to fix the fabric...It's bad enough that I'm using baskets at all! My friends all know about my hatred for baskets. They fall into the same category as gold and wood grain. I'm slowing forming a "10 commandments" for the decor of my house.  So far this is how it goes:
1. Thou shall not have wood grain
2. Thou shall not purposely buy or display gold
3. Thou shall not have woven baskets
4. Thou shall not use "silk flowers" 
I don't know why I hate these things. I just do. Of course there are a few exceptions to these rules. I do have hardwood floor, and a big huge oak desk. I also like wood grain on cars. I'm sure I could deal with a basket if it was stylish enough, or fun enough. NO brown though. Thou shall NEVER have a brown/tan basket.

Oh yea! I got new glasses!!!!

Hehe! I've always wanted white glasses! YAY!