April 25, 2010

I had a blast...

I had a blast at Art All Night! I wished I could of stayed /all night/ but alas...
I'm old and live an hour away. 
Anyway, here's a few pix from the evening!
my cheese face & "carved"

Jay Dinitto and my husband, Travis

Jay and his piece "Eve's Geometry"
Jay is a freelance writer in the Pittsburgh area.
Check out his blog 'n stuff
Anyway, I thought his piece was amazing!  Indulge below...
See the rest of my photos from the night here. 
I'll definitely be participating next year. Such a great opportunity for people to share their art in the Pittsburgh area. It's free to enter, and it's free to attend. Nothing but pure awesomeness! 
I mean, even kids can enter!
Now, this was a piece I could truly appreciate.