April 30, 2010

sketches and a bit of encouragement to...encourage!

Recently I got an email with an idea for a new painting. The fun thing was, I had already sketched something very similar several years ago! So I decided to revise the sketch to incorporate my shadow monsters (which is exactly what the email suggested). It seems like yesterday when I did that first drawing...but then I realized it was about 6 years ago! Crazy!

Old sketch from 3/29/06

New Sketch 4/29/10

Did I ever mention how much I love random emails from people? Who doesn't!? Nothing brightens my day more then when I get a note of encouragement, compliment, or a suggestion. You know what is even better? Snail mail! Ah! A simple post card or letter. You know someone took time out of their day for you, when you get some good old fashioned mail. A goal I had t his year was to send more notes of encouragement. Sadly I have come no where near accomplishing this. *sigh* So, as a challenge to us all, lets get off our big old butts and send someone some love!