May 27, 2010

Fun With Silk Screens

I'm not a professional or anything, but I love to silk screen!
Maybe I should of got into the business? HA!

For Cornerstone, my band, Hand Drawn Mountains is doing a DIY preview of the up and coming full length. The covers are going to be made out of fabric!
I won't say much more about it...but they are going to be nifty-neat-o!
Here my little rig that Travis set up for me. It made it all so easy!

I did over 130 of them today... and it was a breeze! What a relief.
There's still so much to do to complete the project, but at least this part is finished. 

I've been snap happy since I got my new camera. Here's a few...

Brian. (My little bro!)

Dustin and my Taylor Big Baby called "Isaac."


That is all! Have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!