May 8, 2010

thriftings for the week and fun alterations!

A few things I got at the thrift store this week...

Nifty little birdie decorations.

Cute sewing kit.

Vintage sewing box.

Because of a little post by Stephanie Fizer, I was reminded of how I wanted to paint my garden gnome for quite some time. Since I got those birds (seen above) I was in the mode and ready to  paint! 

My  mom gave me this gnome several years ago.
For whatever reason (probably laziness) I never got around to painting it. It was time!

So, I primed them up... and voilĂ !

Sorry the picture is all washed out! I had a hard time getting a decent was just glowing with its lustrous new paint job! 
I haven't finish the birds quite yet. I'm thinking of putting them outside above my house numbers. When I decided for sure where they'll go then I'll know the right color to use. 

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!