June 8, 2010

Whats going down.

I've been super busy lately.
First off, we've been having band practice twice a week in preparation for Cornerstone.
We've been working on our DIY CD cases that are amazing and fun!
It's sooo much work, but it's going be so worth it. 

(Here's Kirsten working on a few...She's our drummer's beautiful wife!)

Let's see... Senior Night for our Youth Group was last Sunday.
I was on the "committee" planning that. 
It was a "Geek" theme...and was a huge success! *breathes deep* 
(This would be my little bro as Dwight Schrute)

Pastor Dan showed up as Darth Vader... enabling me to capture this priceless shot.
(For more pics from that night go here!)

Lastly I've been preparing for this weekends Strawberry Days in Grove City, PA!
I've made a tons of button magnets, and replenished my stock of prints and scrabble pendants
As always at live craft shows, my prints will be a cool $10! 
Please stop by if you can and say hello! 

So yea. That's why I've been quiet.
What are you doing this summer?