December 28, 2010

Tattoos. . . of my art!

I know it seems a little funny...but I was the first person (that I know of) to get my art tattoo'd on them. Since then, I've had one other person approach me about it. I think it's awesome...I feel like that is one of the biggest compliments an artist could get!

"Rooted in Love" on Tia
(Isn't she the cutest ever?)
And then mine. . . "Two Become One"
*Just for the record, I don't mind at all if anyone wants to get a tattoo featuring my art. All I would ask is you let me know, send pictures, and credit me if someone asks about it. It's such honor to know that you've inspired someone with such could I ever be against such a thing?
Hope everyone is having a wonderful hiatus week! 
(That's what I call the week between Christmas and New Years)