December 22, 2010

Whats in my bag?

Well...this would be my very first "Whats in my bag?" post. Feels kind of weird.  I know that years from now I'll look back through my blog, and think it's kind of neat to see what I was carrying. I was looking back through  just the last year today, and was amazed how much things have changed!

Here we go...

#1 - Keys... VW keys, house...and the church keys? Don't know why I have those right now. Also, my mini-moo card holder! Love that thing!
#2 - Yea, so I carry my own pouches. Haha! This was the very first pouch I made, so it doesn't have a liner. I didn't want to waste it, so I use it to hold all the other "extra" keys in my bag like, Travis' and Dustin's car keys. I hate it when random things float around in my purse!
#3 - Fingerless glove/mittens. A must have if  you have a touch screen phone.
#4 - Another pouch! This one came with a purse I bought way back. It has all my "medicine cabinet" stuff inside.
#5 - Wallet
#6 - Two sketch journals. Not sure why I have two...I just do! The one I made out of an old calendar and the other is just your typical journal from Borders.
#7 - Gum. Gotta have it.
#8 - Hello Kitty wallet I use for holding extra business cards, and business cards for some of  my friend's shops.
#9 - Carmex hand lotion. It's divine! Ah. Why does Carmex make the best stuff?
#10 - Miniral powder compact
#11 - Germ-x - yea... I'm a big gernaphobe. I use it almost every time I leave a store. Probably not a good thing.
#12 - Assorted lip balm and glosses. I'm a big lip balm addict. I can't even go an hour without putting something on my lips! If I don't, it feels terrible!
#13 - My Droid X - a.k.a. "Xanadu"
#14 - Another one of my pouches. I needed a change purse ok?
#15 - Cuticle cutters. If I don't carry these I'll end up chewing my cuticles into oblivion!
#16 - Another wallet for misc. credit cards or gift cards.

Doing this post really helped me realize how OCD I can be! Hahaha! Got to have a compartment for everything...and I have to have all my comfort items. I think I usually have more stuff than this, but it varies depending on what bag I'm carrying and how my back has been feeling lately.

Tomorrow is  Festivus!