March 8, 2011

Marcia has many hats...

Sometimes I feel like I have so many separate "areas" of my life, it's sort of overwhelming. I mean, it's not like I'm a different person in these areas, I just have drastically different activities, and sometimes a whole different circle of friends. This is part of the reason my blog is so random. This is just me. I'm random. I like to try, and do everything.

Hi I'm Marcia. Nice to meet you.
Marcia the artist.
My nice little family...
Marcia the wife & mum.
Hand Drawn Mountains - Gallery Stage
Marcia the band member.
Marcia the youth leader.
Marcia the crafty.
What I Wore/Thrift Score!
Marcia the thrift store shopper.

...and a few that I don't do so much anymore,
but forever will stick with me!
me. hoop. fun.
Marcia the hooper.
got smurfs?
Marcia the smurf collector.
Emily Brittain lunch room 2006
Marcia the lunch lady - (AKA Muffinhead).
Marcia the buttongirl (oh yea...circa 2002. It still lingers)