May 20, 2011

What's going on?

Tonight is Bare Branches CD release party
in our good old home town of Butler, PA!
(click to enlarge)
So excited to see our friends from Sam Goodwill!
Definitely check them out sometime when you have a chance.

Tomorrow we head out to Virginia
to play with our good friend Nathan Stiteler
(Remember him and the CD cover I did?)

Who knows what fun weirdness will come about. 
I mean... this is what happened last time:
(Nathan is playing guitar - Jon P. on the keys)

OH, and one more thing!
I wanted to show you a video my son made for a contest. 
I thought he did an excellent job! 

Sorry I haven't been much fun here on the blog this week. I've sort of been in a weird funk. I'm done with all my stressful deadlines at the moment, and it seems my body went into vacation mode. Hopefully I will be done with that come next week. Need to get back to business!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!