September 30, 2011

Well, this is it.

As a lot of you have heard, my time with Bare Branches is coming to a close. As I sit here and try to type out my feelings...I don't know where to start. My time with this band has been sweet. We had some wonderful times, and just like any other band of brothers and sisters, had some hard times. I will always cherish the adventures we had.
I know, I're all asking WHY? Well, I can't give a real answer. Sometimes in life, God leads you in different directions. Sometimes, he opens and closes doors...and we're not sure why. All I know is, making the decision to leave the band was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, but I know it was the right one. I don't know what God has in store, but he has a plan and only time will tell.
Thank you so much to all my friends and family that continually support me, and my brothers and sister within Bare Branches. I love you all SO much!
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