October 10, 2011

Applefest Shenanigans...

Applefest was amazing this year! The weather was perfect...high 70's-low 80's.
The autumn leaves were in full effect and the place was packed! 
Applefest Shenanigans Applefest Shenanigans
I came with a full stock of pouches...and ended up almost selling out! 
Applefest Shenanigans
Applefest Shenanigans
Travis came and helped me on Saturday... what a nice hubbie! 
Applefest ShenanigansApplefest Shenanigans
Look at this AMAZING business card holder my brother thrifted for me! THANKS Brian!!!
Applefest Shenanigans
Also, I finally got to see Tia's tattoo of "Rooted in Love" in person! She is the cutest! 

I had such a wonderful time meeting new friends, and seeing people that I met last year!
Love you all! 

Ohhhhh...I can't forget this! Crystal helped me out on Friday
...and we made this video in our "downtime!"

Thanks to Katie for helping me on Sunday too!!!   ❤