November 12, 2011

Lomo Saturday: My first redscale negative roll!

This is my first attempt with Lomography's Redscale Negative film. I used my Holga 120N with the 35mm adaptor. When I first picked up the pictures, I was a little upset. They only developed about four of the pictures. I don't know if they thought they were bad or what? Anyway...I went home and scanned in my negatives. So dreamy! I'm going to try one of these rolls with my 35mm Canon Rebel. I bed the pictures will look amazing. 
Holga Redscale Negative Holga Redscale Negative Holga Redscale Negative

Because the camera is SO "manual" I frequently screw up the winding of the film, and something like this happens. Sometimes I like it...sometimes I wish I would of just payed a little more for the better Holga. Whatevs! It's fun either way. 
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