November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: My Mantle

I have definitely posted pictures of my mantle before, but it was time for an update! I recently rearranged some things. I have a bunch of new thrifty finds included of course! I love my mantle. It's what is directly in front of me when I'm sewing, or doing other crafty fun. I like to keep it bright, colorful and inspiring! My Mantle 

These two guys (along with the next colorful owl) were thrifted by my Brother and/or his girlfriend Heidi! They know what I like! My Mantle My Mantle 

I got this cute little birdie scene at the Sal-vo on a trip to Erie, PA. LOVE that thrift store!My Mantle 

This amazing owl needle point was given to me by Dustin's girlfriend Holly!
She thrifted it in Grove City, PA. For further fun.... Holly is also the sister of Heidi. 
(yea...if Brian and Heidi get married, and then Dustin and Holly...Heidi will turn into Holly's aunt! LOL!!!!)
My Mantle 

First in this picture, is my very first painting. Well, my first painting on canvas.
I think I was 7 years old. On the right, Mario & Link made from Lego's! Dustin made that! 
My Mantle

Do you have a little spot in your house for your extra special finds?