May 31, 2012

Portrait Group

Yesterday I went to a portrait group at The Art Center in Butler. I've been wanting to go to this for a long time, but being the introvert that I am procrastinated. Finally my friend Mary invited me to go, and that was exactly the boost I needed to get me there! For some reason I felt super self-conscious at first.
It's one thing to paint in your own style, in the privacy of your own home
...and another to do something your not used to in public!!
  Portrait group!!! 
I quickly remembered how much I loved drawing from life! I'm not gonna say I'm good at it...but it's exhilarating to draw within a group of creative people. 

Portrait Group 
My first sketch ended up being typical "Marcia Furman" style. LOL.

Portrait Group 
Next I tried to do all the features. It's so much harder to draw from real life, as opposed to a picture. I really need to brush up on these skills. I think I'm going to break out the old books and re-learn the proportions of the face. Ugh!  This sketch turned out nice, but it took me 40 minutes and several tries. 

The last 20 minute session, I went for the old "super fast sketch" with conte crayon on big news print.
That was so fun!!!! 

I really hope I can go to this regularly. It's great practice and nice to just get out with other artists!