August 16, 2012

Well hello. Here's the scoop.

Hi everyone! I've been gone a while. I have an excuse. My brain has been full to the brim. Travis and I are moving to Alexandria, VA! Travis got a promotion, and will be working in Crystal City. This came as a surprise to us. He applied, not expecting to actually get the job...but did! We are very blessed...excited...scared...and more. We've been extremely busy trying to get our house in order before we move. I've accumulate mountains of extra junk in the last 10 years of living in this house. Sorting, sorting and more sorting! Dustin will be staying here, as he starts school this coming week and prefers to stay in the Butler area. So on top of living in a new city (which I have never done before), I have to transition out of being a Mom with a kid in the house. This is definitely bittersweet. It's hard to even think about. I know I will only get more emotional and worried about it when I actually move. AH! He's a big boy and can handle it...but still.

Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update on why I've been absent. I still plan on doing what I do now while in VA. I'm really excited about the new art opportunities around the corner!

Obligatory food/coffee post.
Occasionally Cupcake - Old Town Alexandria
Well I'm probably not going to be living here... But it would be nice!
Old Town Alexandria - Super cute, and super close to where we will live.
Travis' new work building.
Travis' new work building in Crystal City. 
Since random expenses of moving are high, I decided to do a print sale until September. All 8x10 prints are only $10 in my etsy shop! 

Right now, I don't have any of my originals up on etsy...but they are still available! Check out my facebook album entitled "Available Works" to see what I have in stock! Simply message me if you are interested or would simply like a price.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Did you do anything exciting so far?