February 20, 2013


Blaaa feel so sick!!! At least I have fun hair and glasses. Lol! #nofilter #selfie #sunset #glasses #pink #nerd #bored #sick #derp

Reading: Yesterday I finished all three books of "The Hunger Games". It took me over a year! Yep... that's how awesome of a reader I am. I did read a few books in between during the summer so give me a break. I really got stalled out on the third book. It was such a drag! The end was totally different than I thought. So yea, I'm glad I went ahead and finished it. I almost quit...but I couldn't do it.
Directly after I finished, I started reading "Cash - The Autobiography". I am fairly sure I started to read this book before, but got sidetracked. Either that, or I have the movie "Walk the Line" so engraved in my brain, I just /feel/ like I've read it. Either way, it's great. I need to keep reading with momentum. My brain is going to mush!

Watching: I finished Breaking Bad a couple of weeks ago. Well, I finished what was on Netflix. Ugh! Now I have to wait until rest is available. It's gonna be a while. Other than that, Travis and I have been watching Elementary. It's great. Modern day Sherlock Holmes. Good stuff!

Listening: Honestly, I can't stop listening to the new Donora and Tegan & Sara. Both incredibly fun, inspiring, happy and delightfully 80's. What more could you want??! Oh and Spoken has a new album. Different than their other albums. Heavier. Love it!

Eating: Well, when I am having a normal week at home, I'm eating very healthy and staying on track. When I have visitors over the weekend, or travel back to Butler, it's a disaster! I wish I knew how to remedy this. I'm up and down in my weight every time. Sigh. At least overall I'm maintaining!

Loving: My new hair. I just had it brightened up over the weekend. So bright... so happy. Too bad I'm going to be starting to work at Starbucks soon and will have to cover it with a had! Do'oh!

Looking Forward To: The Dominican Republic. I'm going again this year, with the same group as last year. It's going to be fantastic. A slightly different group...but Dustin will be there! YAY! I'm praying that everything works out with my new job. I told the guy that interviewed me about how I would need this time off, but he really didn't have an answer. Tomorrow when I go in for orientation, I will insist on telling someone who is in charge. I don't even know who that is! I just hope this doesn't affect my job...like weather I have it or not. We'll see.