March 20, 2013

Tattoo fixer-upper

Super delayed post:
A while back I got a set of IO Moths tattoo'd on my back.
I did love them at the time, but then later thought they really seemed incomplete. Tattoo: before

First off... Why did I make them both male? LOL. I guess I just wasn't thinking, but I thought it would be cute if one was male and one female. So, one of my moths had a sex change. tattoo work
Thanks Jonnie Fredrick at Electric Empire for a fantastic job!
Will get a better picture after its healed. Love it! @jonnieblanche
This picture was taken right after I was finished. Sadly it's been so cold here, I haven't really had an opportunity to take a picture of it healed. I'm a slacker.
This is the best I've got for now!
eshakti review!