April 13, 2013

Lomo Saturday. At long last!

So, back in February, I decided to try out the Lomolab. Errrmmmm... sort of a big mistake? Well, over a month went by and still no sign of my film. I thought it was lost forever!! I sent several messages to customer service with no reply. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, I got a reply saying that the post office lost a batch of their mail, but it had been recovered! HUGE sigh of relief. I mean, film is something you can't just replace. This had memories from the last Cornerstone, Cedarpoint, and DC! So anyway, the email came earlier this week with a link to my scans. WHEW! I still haven't received the actual prints though. The only reason I sent this film to them is because it was that special professional film that regular places wouldn't develop. I'll be sure not to use that film again. The pictures really don't look any different AND it was a royal pain!
So at long last...more Lomo Saturday - Cornerstone 2013 edition!

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cornerstone 2013

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