May 15, 2013

Meet my new friend...Matilda!

I haven't seen Earl much lately. I thought it was because there were now leaves blocking my view.  I did see him yesterday briefly...but I think for the most part he's been chased off!

Matilda has moved in along with her family!
bluejay may 2013

I know bluejays can be nasty, but I love them!! They stand out from the rest.
And just maybe I appreciate their attitude. ^_^

I would of never seen this nest if I wasn't looking through my zoom lens.
They are on the other side of the tree and blend right in. What a surprise!

Not much is going on here. I've been working on a commission painting, and planning stuff for summer craft fairs. The weather is warm today and it makes me want to ride my bike. Alas, I'm not really excited about doing that myself. Maybe tomorrow. It's an off day at the gym with no classes I really like, so that will be a good way to get my workout in. Travis has been riding his bike to Crystal City every day. This week, is "ride your bike to work week" and on friday he'll get a free T-shirt. I might just ride along with one and get one for myself. LOL! Yep...pretty exciting stuff.