August 25, 2013

Spontaneous Mini-Vacation!!!

This is our last weekend here in Virginia that we will be "without puppies". They have been staying with Dustin and the Bro's for most of the summer. I miss them so much! At the same time it's been VERY freeing. We can do whatever we want, for however long we want. It's been hard because we don't have anyone to watch the puppies or check on them here in Virginia. So no day trips for us unless we take them along.

So Travis had Friday off. We were trying to think of what we could do for fun and Travis mentioned that he still had some points for a free why not go to Ocean City, MD and ride our bikes up the coast? YEA!! Why NOT? So we booked the hotel, packed and took off! It was great!

Friday evening we just took a bus over to Ocean City to walk around the boardwalk. It was a little rainy, but not bad. I hit all the spots on Penny Collector and got quite a few! Sadly, there was one I didn't get at Ripley's Believe it or not. The lady even let me go in without paying to get the penny, but sadly it was out of order. I guess she didn't realize.

Untitled Untitled

Also, I got to meet a SMURF!
I think it was a fake... especially since he was taller than me. :p

Saturday we rode our bikes all the way up to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was about a 29 mile trip.
Never did I think I would even GO to Delaware, let alone ride my bike there. LOL! 

Can I please brag about my husband a minute? He is seriously the best. My best friend. What guy would offer to spontaneously go on a little vacation? He totally catered to my penny smashing fantasies and constantly put up with my weirdness the whole time. He's sooooo amazing. I love that we can ride our bikes all over the place together and just hang out. It's total bliss. What a blessing he is to me! 

We got to eat at a nice place out on the deck. The wind actually made it cold. 

Travis cutting a coupon out of the little welcome booklet with a pocket knife. That's my kind of man!

Penny pressing!!! 
mini-vacation Untitled 

Nine new pennies this weekend! Woohoo!
I plan on getting one on the way home to PA this week in Breezewood,
and then a couple on our bike trip. 

Did I mention we were going on a sweet bike trip next week? Starting one week from today, Travis and I are riding from Point State Park in Pittsburgh all the way to Washington DC and straight to our home in Alexandria, VA. It's a 5 day trip doing around 60-70 something miles a day!