August 15, 2014

Pressed Penny Hunting

So, all I have to say husband is the greatest! He just lets me obsess over pressed pennies, and graciously lets me schedule weekend trips all around them. I've found that if I can incorporate a bike ride, he'll pretty much go where ever I want! (hehehe! shhhh!)

A couple weekends ago we went to Annapolis, Md so of course I had to get the single penny they had there. We did a scavenger hunt, and it just happened to be at one of the destinations. Woohoo!
Scavenger hunt!


New penny from Annapolis! #elongatedpenny #smashedpenny

Let me tell you... Going to this store to get this pennies was not a great experience. #crowded #smashedpenny #elongatedpenny
 Travis and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last weekend! We decided to go up to Erie PA for a couple days. On the way we stopped off in Meadville for some pennies at a place called Meadville Market House. It was a pretty neat little place. I wish I would of remembered to take some pictures. Outside they were having an artist market/farmers market. I happened to spy a table with a familiar graphic being displayed. It was of a shirt that I bought off of RIPT Apparel a while back that I LOVE and wear all the time! Here, it was guy that created the design, Mark Welser. I thought that was pretty dang cool that I randomly got to meet the guy!

Next up, the  Erie Zoo! It was ok. I think the Pittsburgh Zoo is better, and Living Treasures even better. It's so disappointing going to a zoo and not being able to feed the animals! Especially the giraffes! It was fun regardless. So cute! 




We also made it over to Tom Ridge Environmental Center for a few of their pennies.
I'd say it was a successful weekend as for penny collecting!


We ended up riding the Presque Isle bike trail look once on Saturday evening, then again oh Sunday.
It was a great anniversary weekend!