October 8, 2014

Super Random Pre-wedding Ramblings.


Well, it's two days before my only son's wedding. There are a lot of things going through my head. It's 6:30 am and I couldn't sleep. I came down with a nasty cold over night. Great. Better now than on Friday right?

It's all so weird being here...now. I always wondered what life would be like when Dustin "grew up". It's here! Is this REAL? I am in shock on how great he "turned out". I mean... I was a teen mom. I didn't know what the heck I was doing! I STILL don't know what I'm doing! BUT God knew what he was doing. He had a perfect plan, and still does! I'm absolutely blown away.

I can't express how thankful I am for everyone who helped raise Dustin. So so so so so thankful for my Mom and Dad that supported me through having a son at sixteen years old! So so so so thankful for the endless hours of love, babysitting and financial support. I'm so thankful for "Grandma Nancy" who also invested tons of time and love into him. For our church family at Westminster. Such an amazing group of people that were always there for us and helped raise a fine man of faith and character. Obviously I'm endlessly thankful for the best husband and dad, Mr. Travis Furman. What an amazing example to Dustin he's been. I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am . . . How blessed WE are. . . amazing. It's too much to take in. Too too much.