October 13, 2015

"They're Coming To Get You"

They're Coming To Get You

"They're Coming To Get You"
acrylic on canvas

Original available HERE. Prints available HERE.

So yea! Last weekend I was vending at Living Dead Weekend in Evans City! For those of you that don't know, Night of the Living Dead was filmed in Evans City, Pennsylvania (which is a part of my home town of Butler, PA.) Evans City is super proud of this, and I don't blame them! So fun! Sadly, I didn't have time to go visit the actual grave yard from the movie. Will definitely try next time we go through!

I didn't get too many pictures through the weekend, except for these two special visitors.

I had a few special visitors at my booth! #livingdeadweekend2015 #chuckie

Our good friend Steve Soley who is a photographer came through and got our annual shot. :)
Thanks Steve!

Hehe! Sometimes photographer friends take pics of us at shows. ^_^ #livingdeadweekend2015

I've been crazy busy lately. This was my third weekend in a row that I had an outside show.
One more to go! Whew! Subscribe to my events on facebook to keep informed of my whereabouts!

See you soon!