April 11, 2016

Iron Man

So I talk about my fitness achievements (and woes) so much in real life, but apparently not on here. I guess I just forget! I thought it would be appropriate to post about my latest challenge. I've joined a six week Iron Man challenge with some friends. If you're not familiar, The Iron Man is a mega big triathlon where you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. . . in one freaking day! Well, we are doing our own version, only you have six weeks to complete it. I've already completed the swimming part, and it was a huge challenge for me! I hadn't swam laps since high school over 20 years ago. I LOTHE swimming.  Before the challenge started on April 1st I gathered all the necessary accessories...anything to make it all a little less painful. A new swimming suit, goggles, ear plugs and a swim cap. I could of gone without the swim cap, but I didn't want to totally fade my hair out. LOL.


I ended up doing the entire 2.4 miles backstroke. I can't swim any other way! If I had to swim more than this exact 2.4 miles I would definitely try to learn out to swim like a normal person, but since I don't plan on doing it much I figured it was fine. It's not that I can't swim belly down, I just don't breathe very well. Oh well! It took me three days swimming at about an hour each time. That's SLOW as all get out, but I DID IT! I'm pretty excited that I pushed through my fears and made it through.


Hahahha lookin fine!
Next part is to bike 112 miles. I'm actually almost done with it. This is the easy peasy part for me. The running will be a challenge, but I'll worry about that when I get to it. :D

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