January 14, 2009

around these parts

It's FREEZING! A whopping 3 degrees out right now, and apparently tomorrow it's gonna go down to -4! Yikes! We got dumped on with snow last weekend so it's truly a winter wonderland. I can't complain about that part, I love snow! My poor little car was encased in an ice bubble by the end of the weekend.

So we've been keeping warm around here, especially Neko. He just loves sleeping under covers! He's such a sweet little puppy.

I'm working on multiple paintings this week. Here's one I've intermittently worked on in the past year. That's a crazy long time, but I just want it to be right. I'm really hoping I can get it done once an for all by the end of the month.

A random watercolor I started yesterday...

I'm also trying to cook up something for the Age of Aquarius show at our local Art Center. They are including 80's in this so I think I'm good. Nintendo oriented. Definitely.

Have a great day all!


  1. I soooo didn't want to put Rose on the bus this morning. I had to bundle her up from head to toe before I let her out the door. Hat, big scarf, knee socks, turtle neck sweater over long sleeved t-shirt, mittens, two pairs of socks and boots.

    She hates me already...

  2. I am really surprised they didn't have a delay this morning!

  3. It's currently 80 degrees in sunny southern California! *waits for snowballs to be thrown* LOL! I wish we had snow! This really isn't much of a winter we're having!

    Neko looks so cute all covered up! My dogs freak out if you try to put blankets on them. They act like you're trying to smother them or something and usually get up and run away.

  4. The paintings are looking good, and Wow, you did get dumped on! We didn't get as much snow here in Iowa as you did, but are dealing with the same cold and also high winds that are bringing the wind chill to around minus -17 below zero. Yikes! And the worst part is that my hubby is in Florida for work! >:-/

    Neko looks so darn cute! Cloud loves to snuggle under the covers too, it must be a little dog thing. :-)

  5. Car? What car? All I see is snow :)
    Neko looks so cozy! I want that to be me!
    And your painting is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. That painting (the big one) is stunning! I LOVE where you are going with it. Yes, it is very, very cold out there. I thought we were done getting dumped on but apparently I was wrong (and picked the wrong day to drive all the way to Cranberry.)

    Are you a member of the Art Center--I have been thinking about looking into it but never have.

  7. i LOVE the new painting! those pink swirl clouds through the trees--the combination is so intriguing! it's a mix of surreal and mystic. so beautiful. a masterpiece; truly!


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