January 21, 2009

cozy things

I had the most wonderful weekend. I got to stay at home and just relax. That's huge around here! I know, it's almost Wednesday, I should of forgotten about last weekend already! I'm just so thankful for the cozy weekend with my hubbie. I started to crochet a new blanket for my bed as well. Right now, I have a quilt on it that I made out of my old favorite t-shirts. I love it so much, but is gradually starting to fall apart. A lot of the t-shirts were so old, I should of known it wouldn't last. This new blanket it going to take so long, hopefully the other one makes it until I'm finished!

It's been so cold around here and the snow is building up! If this doesn't put you in the "blanket" mood then nothing will!

Have a great day friends!


  1. You crochet? Impressive! :-)

    It's finally warmed up a bit here and most of our snow is melted. I actually saw two robins today! WooHoo!

  2. This snow IS crazy! Been a few years since we had so much, though it is awesome that it has been cold enough to make the pond freeze over for ice skating.

  3. i love the blanket! it looks so warm. i haven't worked on my at all since i've been here. i've been trying to read my book. that snow is insane!

  4. What a cool idea...making a quilt from old tshirts...sweet! :)


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