February 15, 2009

just checking in!


Well, we've had a nice little vacation. The first full day was really warm. It was so nice to actually see the sun! It has been much colder ever since. We shopped and ate A LOT after the first day! HA! I promised Travis I wouldn't weigh myself for at least 5 days after we get home!

As much as I love vacation I miss my boys at home, Dustin and Neko! Driving 12 hours tomorrow. See ya later!


  1. Awesome photos! Glad you had fun! (Btw How old are your boys?)

  2. Well, I actually only have one child. Dustin is 15. My brother was staying with him while we were gone. Neko is my 6 month old Chihuahua! :D

  3. It looks so bright and sunny! Such cute photos! It really looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I hope you were able to relax.

  4. Awesome photos, love the shot of you with the hula hoop!

  5. Great photos! I like the last one pretty cool!

    Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...see you there!

  6. Welcome back! All of your photos are kewl!! :) Looks like you had tonnes of fun, girl! *hugs*

    PS thanks for stopping by my art blog.


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