August 19, 2009


Going back through some of my old paintings, I asked my hubby to pick one for me to write about. Of course he chose probably one of the oldest ones I had in my flip book from 2005!

Acrylic on Canvas

This painting I did specifically for the 1st annual Age of Aquarius show here in Butler. I honestly didn't know what to paint so I just surfed the net for some inspiration. I stumbled across this picture of a guy playing guitar labeled "1969." Originally my husband thought it was Bob Dylan but I'm relieved to say it's David Bowie. I'm a way bigger fan of Bowie than I am of Dylan anyway, so this is a good thing. I decided to go with a Warhol-pop art look. Unlike Warhol I did not use silk screening, but just painted it straight up in acrylic. This painting now belongs to my dear friends Dave and Lisa Krack.