August 18, 2009


Well kids... I've hurt my back. Bad. I didn't really do anything specifically terrible, so I'm not sure why it is this way. Regardless, my disc is messed up again. I have had this before, and then had surgery. It's been good for the past 4 years, but somehow I've managed to mess it up. I've been unable to stand or sit for any length of time since Saturday. BORING let me tell you! My Chiropractor is working vigorously to fix me, and I have felt some improvement since yesterday. We'll see! Pray that I can get over this quickly and back to life!

I've managed to sketch a few doodles in the meantime. Hey, it's better than nothing! I just like to have /something/ to show for my time! :D

I LOVE cicada shells and woolly bear caterpillars! SO CUTE! This will definitely show up in a painting sometime soon.