October 8, 2009

Jeff Claassen

I've decided to start blogging about artist that I love and inspire me, at least once a week. I have to admit that it's hard for me to even write in paragraph form. I'm sure you've noticed that my blog has less than perfect grammar and is probably full of misspellings, but that's just me. When I "read" blogs I mostly look at the pictures. I'm a visual person. Being a bit bashful about starting to do this, I received a little encouragement from a fellow artist, Jeff Claassen. He basically told me to just do it and be myself! Sometimes it takes something simple like that to help kick my butt into gear. So I'm going to give it a shot. I honestly don't know how much I'll actually write for each person, but know they are all a huge inspiration to me.

Since Jeff was such an encouragement to me I thought I'd start out with him! I've actually been an admirer of his work for quite some time, and have a few goodies from his Etsy Shop. Here's what I got!

I just love color, and he takes full advantage of the spectrum. Fun and light-hearted, yet meaningful and thought provoking. Love it. What else can I say? Told you I'm not a writer.
Just check out his stuff for yourself and you'll see.