July 24, 2010

Butler Project

Well, I'm going away again. Sorta. For the next week I'll be at "Butler Project." It's the youth group mission trip for the summer! Even though we'll be in our home town, we'll be staying at the church. Butler project is something like Reach Workcamp, only on a much smaller level. There are three churches involved and three work sites. We will be working on the houses, painting...putting on new roofs etc! It's such a blast. We get to serve the Lord by helping people in need, and have tons of fun at the same time. Every evening after we're done working, we do something fun like go to the movies, or have a pool party! Not to mention the best cooks EVER feed us the most amazing breakfast, lunch and dinners. You would think we might lose a little weight working every day...ha! Noooo way!
Anyway... Everyone have a great week! Please be praying for us and our safety while on the sites!

(I uploaded another roll of fisheye fun! See HERE.)