July 18, 2010

My up-cycled suitcase!

I usually carry my guitar chords and pedals around in a tote bag, but recently I started to wonder if they were getting beat up from lugging them around so much. I remembered I had this little hard shell suitcase that I started to prime years ago. Somehow it got stuck in Dustin's closet and I totally forgot about it! It would be perfect for my gear! So, I finished priming it and gave it a coat of grey. I added these little flower decals that I got at a Stampin' Up party...and voilĂ ! 

I don't think I'm going to redo the inside. I'm a little too lazy for that! Haha! 
Tested it out last night when we played at The Lemon Grove in Youngstown, Ohio. It was just right. So much easier to find stuff inside since it completely opens up.