January 1, 2011

Mr. Rogers & Vatican Splendors

Look who I met today!
Mr. Rogers! Well, sort of.  ^_^

Travis and I went to the Heinz History Center to see Vatican Splendors. Sadly I wasn't allowed to take any pictures in the exhibit. It was overall pretty cool. I will admit, I was a little disappointed because most of the sculptures were "casts" of originals. They had lots of amazing original paintings though. 
A couple were...
The Holy Family with Two Angels - 16th Century Oil on Canvas

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino (1591 - 1666)
painted "Portrait of Christ with Crown of Thorns" Oil on Silk

They were beautiful. There's nothing like work of the old masters. 

The only other downside to the exhibit was, it was extremely packed. I guess we went on a bad day. I usually love sketching what I see at art museums, and there was no way I could even think about it. It was all we could do to get up to the painting and read the description and see who it was by. Overall I really enjoyed Vatican Splendors, and was glad we went. Next time though, I think we'll go on a weekday.