January 18, 2011

Thrift Score/What I Wore

Tuesdays, I work in my church's office. It's just a temporary job, until they hire someone perminant. I used to work here 20 hours a week here, so I sort of already knew the ropes. It's kind of fun, because it gives me an excuse to wear some of my "dress up" clothes. Normally when I'm working at home, it's just jeans and t-shirt for me. I'm a SUPER messy painter and ruin half of my clothes! So anyway, this gives me an opportunity to do a "Thrift Score/What I Wore" post! Yay!
vintage dress - thrifted
slip- ebay
cardigan - Rue 21 maybe?
vintage bag - thrifted
socks - ?
boots - tj maxx clearance
puppy - rescued!