April 29, 2011

Cup Cake!

Want an easy, delectable treat that's weight watchers friendly?
I just found out about this recipe from my sister-in-law...and now I'm totally addicted. You make one "Cup Cake" at a time, so they are always warm and fresh! Only 3 points if you are a weight watcher, which is pretty darn good (some cupcakes are 10 to 15 points)!

Get one box of Angel Food Cake
(make sure it's the kind with one bag in the box...not two)
and one box of Devil's Food Cake.
(you may use other flavors if you wish).
Mix both boxes of cake mix together, and put in container for storage.
Now to make a single serving cup cake!

Cup Cake!
Put 1/3 cup cake mix into large mug or glass.
Cup Cake!
Add 3 Tbsp of cold water. 
Cup Cake!
Nuke for ONE minute! 
Cup Cake!

voilĂ !
Cup Cake!

Cup Cake!
Add cool whip of you like! (Dang it! I don't have any!)

Have a great weekend!