September 1, 2011

shirt surgery!

The other day I bought this terribly large and ugly shirt at the thrift store. The floral pattern was really cute...but the shirt was not. So, I decided to try and  make it into a dress!
I don't have a step by step tutorial, because I really didn't know what I was doing.
Basically, I just found some other dresses I had, and used them as templates! 

Ugly shirt:
shirt surgery
Cute pattern:
shirt surgery 
Using another dress that fit me well, I just used it as a template and cut around it.
I cut it slightly bigger for seam allowance. 
shirt surgery shirt surgery 
Next I finished off the edges.
shirt surgery 
shirt surgery I realized I would never wear a dress with a button up collar top, so I decided to cut that off too!
I found another dress I had to use as a template. shirt surgery
Trust me, I did not know what I was doing.
I just took those two dresses, and tried to duplicate them.
Cut, and finish off edges.shirt surgery
I added some elastic in the back of the dress...just like the template. 
shirt surgery
Next, I took the left over sleeves, and made the straps!
shirt surgery
Attach straps!
shirt surgerySo, after I constructed it...I think I tried it on, and did revisions at least 10 times.
Mostly around the top, so it looked and fit right.
I also ended up sewing the entire dress shut where buttons were. It's just safer that way! Haha!
Add belt, and there you have it!
shirt surgery shirt surgery shirt surgery shirt surgery 
Dustin took the pictures for he wanted to show what he was wearing too. ^_^
shirt surgery