February 8, 2012

What's in my bag 2012

It's been over a year since I posted "Whats in my bag." I never thought that /what/ was in my bag was very exciting. . . but for some reason I get views on this post all year. Weird? I'd say.
So here's what's in my bag this year. A lot of the things are the same as last time...some different. whats in my bag copy
1. iPhone 4. LOVE this phone so much more than my Droid X.
2. Zipper pouch for misc things. This is pretty much my portable medicine cabinet. 
3. Pen, pencil & hand sanitizer. Gotta have a million pens at all times. 
4. Catalyst Tattoo sticker. Best. 
5. Hello Kitty wallet. A gift from my hubbie! 
6. 2nd Hello Kitty wallet. This one is for holding business cards.
7. Small zipper pouch for all my random credit cards/shopping cards that don't fit in my wallet. 
8. Coupons. 
9. Big Red. My favorite gum for winter. I don't like it when I'm chewing mint gum in the winter. My mouth gets SO cold when I breathe in! LOL!
10. SIX different lip products? Yea...I think I have a problem. 
11. Sour mints I bought at Aldi. They are ok.
12. Mark compact. 
13. Keys to Travis'c car, Dustin's car and other random things. 
14. Keys to my car, house and an attached zipper pouch for my YMCA card. 
15. Caribou coffee java jacket? Yea, I collect those for some unknown reason.
16. Lotion. 

There you have it. Fascinating right?