March 27, 2012

It's the little things.

 ❤ I've been running into lots of little things that make me so happy!!!  ❤

Found this randomly in the middle of the road! 

Peel the love. 
These "cuties" have the best peel stickers!

I guess Neko is ready for bed!
Neko, made himself comfortable on my side of the bed. 

Waiting for their walk.... 
Somehow the puppies know when I'm about to take the on a walk.
Patiently waiting...or impatiently waiting. 

Waiting for Travis to mow his moms lawn. 
Love plants with pink in the leaves! 

Another pic from yesterday. Totally surreal. 
I can't believe how the trees have bloomed...two months early! 

A random sunset while driving. 

Love these trees. Wish I had one In my yard.
Birch trees. Love them!

Hope you can stop for a moment today, and find something amazing.