March 25, 2012

Thoughts of home...this town called Butler.

This is my home. Butler, Pennsylvania. This is home.
I shot this simple picture with my iPhone while I was out for a run. I decided to run up the stairs of a nearby parking garage...and when I did, this is what I found. When I posted it to facebook, so many people were commenting, saying it was such a beautiful picture...and that it almost made Butler look "magical." It got me thinking about this place I live. A lot of people hate Butler with a passion. Everyone wants to "get out of here" as soon as they can. Don't get me wrong, I do want to live somehwere else at some point in my life for the sake of adventure and experience. In the end, Butler will always be my home. Sure, there a lot of broken people here, but won't you have that anywhere you go? Doesn't a broken town only mean that it needs you more? Doesn't it cry out for people who will make a difference?  A town will only be what YOU make of it. I could live in the biggest, most fantastic city, but still be miserable for any number of reasons. For now, I choose to love this town called Butler, and I choose to love everyone in it.