April 14, 2012

Lomo Saturday!!!

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything new for Lomo Saturday. I honestly ran out of pictures! The weather here hasn't been so great, so I just haven't been able to take more...until NOW!
I took a whole role of Action Sampler in the Dominican Republic.
I gotta say, this ended up being my favorite roll to date!

There's a silly story behind the developing of this role. I got the film from a "mystery pack" on lomography.com  - It was an expired FujiFilm Velvia 100 role. I didn't realize it said "professional" and required special developing. So anyway, I took to it Walgreens to develop, and didn't think anything of it. The lady working didn't notice anything special about the film either. When I came back to pick up my order, the lady seemed discouraged and a little mad. She spread the pictures out to show me how they all came out red...thinking I would be mad. (HAHAHAH!!!!) She proceeded to tell me that it may of ruined their machine, and/or she was going to have to drain the chemicals. I don't know if this ended up being true or not. She really didn't know, but I think was scared she was going to get in trouble if the machine was ruined. Since she thought she ruined my film as well, she ran them through again and developed them in black and white. I personally LOVED the "red" versions. When I got home, I tried to research it and see if their machine was really ruined. I couldn't really find an answer, but I did find something saying that when that film was developed regularly, it would cause the cross process effect. AWESOME!
So in the end, I'm glad I got them developed the way I did...but sorry I may of gotten the lady in trouble.

I'm only going to post a few a week...which is going to kill me! I love them all so much!

Action Sampler - Dominican Republic! Action Sampler - Dominican Republic! Action Sampler - Dominican Republic!