January 22, 2013

My weekend.

Miss Elora was crabby as usual. I love it when her little teeth stick out!

Travis and I went to Murphy's. It's an Irish pub in Old Town Alexandria.
My pulled pork came to me HAPPY! It was pretty darn good. I especially loved their in house Hard Cider.

Got some new shoes at Pacers. It was my birthday present from Travis! I thought it would be a good idea to try these because they have "stabilization". I'm really hoping these help my plantar fasciitis go the heck away! Of course I had to get the most colorful, obnoxious pair they had!

Still loving my hair. I'm really surprised how well the color has held up. True, I have only actually washed it once since I got it dyed, which helps a lot. The purple ends are finally starting to show up. At first they just looked black.

One of the Thrift scores from the weekend. Every song on this is pure nostalgic bliss!

Last but not least...
Randomness with Jittergram. http://www.jittergramapp.com/ 

Flattering I know. ^_^

Also, we tried out another new church. Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Arlington. It was great fun. They were SUPER welcoming. We actually ended up going to lunch with a few of them! A little bit more of a haul to get there than I would like. I'm really excited because they are partners with the International Justice Mission...which is FABULOUS. I'd be really excited to get involved with that. We'll see. I think we still have a few more to try out, but this one was one of the best yet.

What did you do this weekend?