January 23, 2013

Weirdest book combo...

The other day I glanced down at our coffee table and thought... that's a weird combo of books.

From top to bottom:

Sketch book - Mine of course. I figure if I leave there I might sketch more often. Heh.
Kindle - I'm trying desperately to get through the Hunger Games. I'm on the last book and am utterly bored!
The New Rules of Lifting for Women - Yea that's right. I'm getting buff. Free tickets to the gun show coming soon.
It's Your Ship - Travis picked this up at the Thrift Store the other week. Another one of those leadership books he likes. :]
Iron Maiden - Gift to Travis from Dustin for Christmas. Dustin is a good gift giver.
Go Away, Big Green Monster - Kids book from the Thrift Store. I thought it was really cute. I'll probably send it home with Crystal this weekend for Elijah. . . maybe.

What are you reading?