February 4, 2013

I'm making a rag rug!

I've had this major urge to crochet lately. Too bad I got rid of ALL my yarn before I moved. On top of that the last thing I need is a new scarf!  I've been wanting to try to make a rag rug for a while now...I just kept forgetting! Dah! So anyway, I finally got started on that last night.

Most of the time people use old sheets to make these. I happen to have this big piece of fabric that I got at the Thrift Store. It looked ok when I bought it, but then realized later it could tare easily. So something like that is perfect for a rag rug! For some reason I can't find the exact tutorial I used to learn how to tare the sheet! There's a million out there though. Just go to youtube and search "how to make a rag rug".

That piece of fabric got me a little circle, about 18" in diameter.
Making a rag rug.

I'd like it to be a lot bigger, so I found another sheet that would look nice in the bathroom, and tore it up.
Making a rag rug.

Of course Elora is right there ready to help. Like...right. there.
Making a rag rug.

It probably won't take me long to finish it. I'm thinking today or tomorrow.
I'll be sure to post the results!