March 14, 2013

Dominican Republic on the brain...

NINE days until we're flying back to the Dominican Republic!!! It seems surreal since I moved and am separated from the rest of the team back in Butler. If you weren't around last year during my trip, you can read about it here. Next Friday I'm gonna drive my little old self to Newark NJ to meet the rest of the crew early Saturday morning. I'm a tiny bit nervous about that part, but I know I can do it.

I can't wait to see all these cuties again!
Dominican Republic

Not to mention... I get to hang with Dustin for a whole week!! YEA! Miss my little Dusty so much.
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 2012

This year I will be working another mural or two same as last time. Also, I am going to work with some of the Haitian girls crocheting!  I'm really excited about being able to work with them in small groups and really get to know them. I'm attempting to get old sheets to take along so we can make some rag rugs! So if you live in Butler and want to donate any, let me know!!! We could arrange for you to get them to Dustin. I'm also collecting yarn, especially the 100% cotton kind.
Dominican Republic 2012 Dominican Republic

I really covet your prayers for this trip, if you are the praying type. It would mean the world to me!
Dominican Republic

The DR is such a beautiful place. Not to mention it's around 90° there. Wahoo!